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Mobile Billboards can place your message in the perfect location.


OUTDOOR ADVERTISING FACT:  Mobile Billboards Attract Customers


Thank you for your interest in learning about the mobile billboard media company. This site will show you how to advertise your business with mobile billboards. Mobile Billboards are specifically dedicated vehicles that display a commercial ad or public service message. Mobile Billboards will quickly and cost effectively expose your message in front of a large audience within a short time. Consumers are always on the move... your advertising better be as well. Owns and Operates a Fleet of Mobile Billboard Advertising Trucks (as shown with a GEICO ad below.) Our advertising service can display your message in your desired location during "prime time" to promote your Brand, Business, or Special Event. Only our unique mobile billboards use adjustable height signs that elevate to an amazing 18 feet high, and when used strategically attract more viewers than any other type of mobile ad. We will maximize the exposure of your advertising message, along with maximizing the value of your media budget. Please review the entire website and click our Gallery page for client photographs.

   Flexible Mobile Billboard Campaign Schedules
  Daily,  Weekly or Monthly

  Mobile Billboard Truck
  Campaigns Available.

  Full Advertising Design &
  Banner Printing Services.

  Strategically Planned,
  Custom Targeted Routes.
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Billboards2go Mobile Billboard Uses


We supply a turn-key mobile advertising solution. No minimum booking period... You may book a mobile billboard for a day, weekend, weekdays, consecutive weeks or months. Each of our identical mobile billboard units display a large 10' x 22' double-sided printed banner with a tall rear panel. Our mobile billboard trucks are operated by our own skilled drivers and are strictly monitored through real-time GPS satellite tracking systems that may also be viewed by the ad client over the internet with a computer or smart phone. Our exclusive eye-catching mobile billboards can cruise slowly along the busiest roads of a strategically planned route, gain exposure in bumper-to-bumper highway traffic, target specific neighborhoods or zip codes; in addition to positioning themselves near shopping malls, supermarkets, concerts, conventions, sporting events, street fairs, transit hubs, beach locations and other desirable high-traffic venues.

We offer nationally competitive rates and an in-house graphic design and production department. Perfect for Brand Building, Special Events, Grand Openings, Political Campaigns, Parades and More! We operate out of our northeastern New Jersey billboard facility located near Newark Airport. We make it easy to rent a billboard for your outdoor marketing needs. Our large mobile billboards are an affordable alternative to the more traditional advertising venues such as, stationary billboards, newspapers, Radio and TV.  Contact us to find out how much our billboards cost for an ad campaign.

REACH:  Available in Tri-State New York / New Jersey / Connecticut

With our impressive 100% Guaranteed Proof-of-Performance we are a trusted media vendor to many major brands as well as countless small businesses.  We're a mobile billboard company you may rely on. To learn more about our proof-of-performance and other unique features of our quality advertising media service, please visit the Glossary page on this web site.

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